HGH (Human Growth Hormone - Somatropin)

WHAT somatropin?


Hormone therapy, a controversial term. Adored by some, feared by others, it is actually a hormone treatment, the principle is to replace the secretion of a hormone. Hormone replacement therapy is used in many cases, such as menopause problems or processing thyroid hormones among others.

THE' Growth Hormone (GH) deficiencyShe, once used to promote and facilitate improved bone growth for children is now recognized as one of the best anti aging products. HGH is human growth hormone, Is at the top of hormones recognized for its anti-aging effects. It is produced naturally and mainly in the pituitary gland in the human brain.

Somatotropin real scientific name of hGH is a molecule made of 191 amino acids linked together in a very specific sequence. Released during the first hours of sleep, but also through other stimuli such as stress, physical exertion or injection insulin. It undergoes a conversion by the liver becomes insulin 1 like growth factor (IGF-1). The latter, after a blood test conducted to determine the level of secretion in the blood, promote the transfer of glucose into human cells for energy production thereof.

The somatopause, name linked to the aging of the body by the lack of hormones is not really a fate today. All symptoms attributed to old age like osteoporosis, menopause, decreased energy or gray hair can be slowed or even eradicated. Maximum production of hGH in the human body is done during the period of adolescence throughout growth. Productivity decreases to the quarter reached 60 years from that produced at the age of 20 years.

Regarding the decrease with time of hGH, scientific research suggest inter alia as a theory that it would be obvious changes in regulatory hormones such as somatostatin and growth hormone releasing hormone of the (GHRH) That would cause the impoverishment of growth hormone.

Good stimulation of the pituitary gland can help keep productive despite advancing age. It's suitable for this practice exercise, to find a diet adequate and also more suitable secretagogues. Thereof used properly absorbed and can significantly enhance the rate and the level of growth hormone. Secretagogues are stimulants of the pituitary gland from the last edge of scientific research.

Injections were the only therapy concept proposed so far. Fort expensive and difficult to use, they can be substituted today to natural substances. These have formulas whose effectiveness has been studied so as to overcome the effects of injections. They would have the ability to mimic the secretion of hGH well above any previously known substances so.


The "New England Journal of Medicine" was written in the first support describing 1980 possible to reverse the aging process. Dr. RUDMAN and 12 patients were the main subject. Topic that will cornered scientific research the views of the overwhelming evidence of clear and scientifically proven rejuvenation patients.

AprilwellnessBachelor reading the list of the effects of growth hormone, we would have more to believe reading a wish list or anti-aging miracles that scientifically proven results. Restoration, enhancement, improvement, increase were the terms used to demonstrate the results of the experience undergone by the patients. This may seem unlikely, but the number of physical symptoms that have undergone an obvious improvement after HGH treatment is breathtaking.

  • Restoration of the liver size, pancreas, heart and muscle mass.
  • Increase energy, cardiac output and libido.
  • Improved memory, vision, sleep and immunity.
  • Hair strengthening.
  • Thickening of the skin and decrease wrinkles.
  • Rapid healing of wounds.
  • Reduction of fat

Several studies have been made on deficient adults with growth hormone for improving various symptoms. Percentages results have all been edifying. Even at low doses, the results were more than promising.


HGH assay for anti-aging

A 2iu dosing only a day is enough for the anti-aging effects.



The known osteoporosis as a phase of aging has particular symptoms decreased bone density. It was revealed that all the people who underwent therapy based growth hormone for osteoporosis have seen bone density increase by 3 5% to% per year. GH andIGF-1 both have stimulated osteoblasts which are the cells involved in bone mineralization helping bone regeneration. The constant bone mineralization is probably a major factor in the fight against aging. Standard therapies offering to date that slowing bone loss, it is certain that we should look more closely at the scientific advances in the administration of GH to overcome this major drawback of age .


Crohn's disease:

The decline of the absorption of beneficial nutrients during aging and particularly because of the thinning of the intestinal walls called the leaky gut syndrome, responsible for many infectious diseases. Autoimmune diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis and many allergies are the result. Patients with Crohn's disease having stopped to conventional medicine often saw their case worse is to see only improve once have administered growth hormones.

You can now see the regeneration of the digestive areas of patients before therapy were unable to digest any food that can not be fed by intravenous, return to a healthy diet. This is further evidence of the anti aging hGH possibilities.


Menopause andropause:

La menopause and I'andropause are undoubtedly the two most known phenomena regarding the aging of the body and mind of the woman and man. The decrease of several hormones is the cause. The most important are:

La Testosterone which, used as compensation possesses the property to help prevent Alzheimer's disease and alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. It improves energy, sex drive and can even be used as an antidepressant to treat irritability elderly.

DHEA has the same benefits as the Testosterone except that in addition it is particularly suitable for the liver diseases and the reduction of most cancers such as adrenal glands, breast, lung, colon, skin, pancreas, There thyroid, Lymph tissue and prostate. It is possible to increase its level naturally by doing physical exercise, reducing stress and also by a balanced and appropriate diet.

Melatonin, Sleep hormone is also a strong antioxidant. Anti as carcinogenic, it has hitherto known no side effects. Particularly recommended for people with sleep problems unwilling to suffer the side effects of sleeping pills. It is also a anti-aging hormone because it strengthens the immune system. It owes its fame to the fact that it is counter to the United States.

PregnenoloneHormone of memory, is one of hormones the most important of the brain. It provides the positive effect the decrease in fatigue, especially for those with a stressful job. It therefore improves productivity by giving patients the opportunity to be more attentive and concentrated. It restores a well-being. Tests have proven that its decline was very strong when a person is suffering from depression. It is also recognized as excellent fighting against stress.

One feature that can recognize all the hormones is to have as a major property of being excellent fountains of youth. The hormone replacement therapy seeks to restore the supply of growth hormone and IGF-1. Today, interest is to replace injections secretagogues because the hormones are natural and not synthetic.



BiotropinStrength, endurance, performance are terms that carry the hope of every great sportsman. Whether surpass, go to the extreme of its forces are obviously written sentences in the spirit of sport. Must we therefore do without a few little nudges to excel beyond his expectations. Growth hormone has the particularity to increase muscle, improve performance, save power and even heal quickly from his injuries.

The first sport that comes to mind when one hears of growth hormone - hgh is bodybuilding. These sports have a particular need to reduce the fat in their bodies to allow maximum increase in muscle mass. Most researchers hold of that growth hormone is inevitably generating force to the muscles. No doubt the fact that there are many athletes unable to properly administer doses thereby preventing to make a proper analysis of the overall results. But they agree on the fact that it is quite possible that it may promote resistance to injury and it can help with quick repairs muscles. It is particularly popular sport in terms of recovery. They say particularly appreciate to recover fairly quickly from their injuries and their fatigues.

Whether for strength, endurance, speed or recovery, the assessments in relation to the HGH are different. In fact, it would be smart to think that it is quite possible to tailor molecules for the different sports or different hoped to enjoy the full performance potential of his body.


HGH has not always had good press about the sport. You have to know what product is considered doping by sports medicine and attributed to him several side effects. So far, most of the top athletes were made injections composed of synthetic hormones. Others have tried so-called secretagogues "natural" to overcome some adverse effects due to bad mixtures or poor knowledge of good doses injected and schedule time to meet. Most proved to be disappointed outline having no benefit from their use.myo

At the end of 90 years 2000 years until it was quite easy to purchase high-quality growth hormone without a prescription. In the US, Canada and the European Union it was perfectly legal to buy drugs and even to import from Asia on the one condition that is not classified as narcotics. It was also necessary that the amount of hormones does not exceed a three-month cycle for one person. With this, the sale of low quality hormones did not exist. However, a brand of Chinese hormone Jintropin became very popular almost crushing the entire market of western companies. It was possible to use it freely for anti aging effects, for bodybuilding, weight loss and for all the other positive effects of the hormone. Big Pharma is the tenors in the world of commerce. They have not hesitated to abuse their influence to thwart the Chinese market by accusing him of selling harmful and dangerous products. The war was launched. One culprit was found. This will cause the emergence of multiple other smaller manufacturers, mostly from China and India. For some functional sports, looking for specific hormones, OTC once become for them a real treasure hunt through the Internet because the big pharmaceutical companies, and yet still continue to attack sales hormone online.

It only remains to hope that the athletes as hGH change of status in health supplement to find a counter and chemically monitored.


The positive effects of HGH

biotropin2So far, the growth hormone was mainly known for its medical effects or so as a doping agent in sports halls. It is now more and more people seeking to erase the ravages of old age to again enjoy the full capabilities of their body as in their youth, are interested in this product. It would be interesting to believe enumerate all the positive effects it can have when taking hormone treatment. Particularly hGH. Simply to take a test on a hundred people to sign his own analysis.

The first recurring questions necessarily concern the physical strength and appearance of the body. The decay of the body is one of the cruelest phases experienced by the body in old age. People are being administered growth hormone for six months for more than 80% gained muscle and muscle strength. They also have the same percentage gained strength and exercise tolerance and more than 70% lost body fat.

fighter athleteIf one refers to the results, it is more than obvious since constantly looking ahead than just taking hGH is more than reliable when it comes to regain his muscular capacity of yesteryear and even perhaps more favorably than in the past.

It has also been proven on an average of more than 50% that all those who took the growth hormone were reunited with their libido. Strength and improved sexual frequency and a prolonged duration of erection. The men, see their bedwetting disappear. The women, found the regularity of the menstrual cycle and the disappearance of hot flashes.

On an average 70% most patients say they have found a good memory, a lot of energy, a feeling of well-being, less irritability and a new feeling of desire to live.

In terms of resistance to disease and healing of various injuries and injuries. A score around 60% was proved. More 50% of patients said they found the flexibility of their back.

Finally, more 70% of people saw the texture, thickness and elasticity of their skin and positively change their wrinkles disappear. They also attended a more abundant hair growth and reduction of gray hair.

All these results have been scientifically proven. Science advances constantly and it is hoped that in future it is possible that each person can find the right formula and the right molecule adapted to his body in the hope of eternal youth.



Hormone therapy in terms of growth hormone is undoubtedly a science that we need to learn to follow closely. Advances in products give hope and could even push many to take another look at their own future.

We must therefore accept that it will probably be impossible in the future to avoid taking hormones given the tangible and psychological benefits offered by this molecule. The fountain of youth is certainly within reach.


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