How to recognize fake steroids?

Today, underground laboratories are pushing fake anabolic products onto the market at an alarming rate.  The product itself can look virtually identical to the real thing, meaning to the untrained eye, counterfeit products can be very difficult to spot.  These are the methods you can take to safeguard yourself against buying counterfeit steroids online:

Research the manufacturer.

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Follow the Creation of an Anabolic Laboratory: MyoGen

How Innovation and Opportunity Created the New Champion of Anabolic Labs

This article is a press release from

In 2018, sports and fitness have never been more exciting, as athletes continue to set new performance standards. This has pressured the steroid industry to evolve and transform.

Experience coupled with innovation will dominate the landscape. New technology is allowing companies to engage their customers ...

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Pay your anabolics products with credit card

Bitcoin is one of the most effective and secure payment methods available on internet. It is a decentralized virtual currency that facilitates anonymous transactions rapidly and easily. It can protect the identity of both the buyer and seller. The system includes peer to peer transaction to make people exchange money with safety. It is even more affordable ...

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Poop transplants are the final frontier in athletic doping

Athletes enhance their performance in all sorts of different ways: swallow pills, inject drugs, or even get transfusions of their own blood.

But one cyclist has discovered a new avenue in the world of performance enhancers: poop.

Apparently, getting a fecal transplant from a competitive cyclist can boost your body’s ability to convert food into energy, at least according to microbiologist Lauren Petersen.

Petersen, ...

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MOSCOW, June 27. /TASS/. The World Boxing Association (WBA) and the World Boxing Organization (WBO) have officially exonerated Russia’s Alexander Povetkin after a doping scandal and reinstated him into its ratings, CEO of the World of Boxing, Andrey Ryabinsky, told TASS.

Povetkin will hold his next bout on July 1 in Moscow against Ukraine’s Andrey Rudenko. The WBO and WBA international titles will be on ...

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Short-term use of oral corticosteroids was associated with increased risks of adverse events such as fracture, sepsis, and venous thromboembolism (VTE), a large US cohort study showed.

“Although physicians focus on the long-term consequences of steroids, they don’t tend to think about potential risks from short-term use,” said lead author Dr Akbar Waljee of University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, ...

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George Sullivan suspended one year for second UFC anti-doping policy violation

The UFC welterweight tested positive for the banned substance clomiphene in January, while he was serving a one-year suspension from a previous failed drug test. USADA, the UFC’s anti-doping partner, announced Tuesday that Sullivan will be suspended for one year for the second violation. The ban will be retroactive to Jan. 14, 2017, the date the positive sample was collected.

Sullivan, 36, will be eligible to return to the Octagon on Jan. 13, ...

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Africa: High Testosterone Female Athletes Pose Ethical Dilemma

With one month to go till the start of the World Athletics Championships in London, there’s wide public debate about whether hyperandrogenic athletes with abnormally high testosterone levels should be allowed to compete in sports.

A new study published Tuesday in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has reignited debate about whether hyperandrogenic athletes should be allowed to compete.

The ...

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The Anti-Doping Fight Targets a New Product: Arimistane

The AMA has updated their list of banned products. Russia is worried about a substance found in food supplements. The ghost of of meldonium lingers.

Prevention is better than a cure. It’s better to prevent a new scandal than try to camouflage (yet again) a tarnished image. How else can you explain the way Russia anticipates events? Appearing on the list of banned products ...

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Anabolic Scam: Alleged Fake Chemists Face Charges

Four individuals were brought to justice on Friday, September 23 and charged on Saturday. These alleged traffickers made anabolics, testosterone or steroids themselves and sold them in Parisian gyms.

Four suspected drug traffickers were put under investigation on Saturday, September 24. Their specialty? They controlled the whole supply chain, from manufacturing to sales. They relied on a network of dealers, who were athletic instructors working ...

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Doping: Ukrainian Walker Olyanovska, Beijing World Championship Bronze Medalist, Suspended 4 Years

The Ukrainian Lyudmila Olyanovska, 23 years old, was suspended for 4 years by her athletic federation after testing positive for an anabolic steroid. The walker, bronze medalist in the 20km walk at the 2015 Beijing World Championship, is banned from November 30 2015 to November 29, 2019.

All of her results recorded from November 9-15, 2015 have been removed. Just before this period, Lyudmyla Olyanovska ...

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Russia Loses Another Olympic Medal

Russia had to give up its silver medal from the women’s 4 X 400 meter relay in the 2012 Olympic Games due to doping.

According to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Wednesday, new tests on Antonina Krivoshapka’s samples have shown that she took the anabolic steroid Turinabol. The IOC also disqualified Krivoshapka from the 400m, in which she finished sixth.

She could ...

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Russian Bobsledder is Suspended for Doping

A Russian bobsledder who won the gold medal at the 2014 Olympic Games was given a 4-year suspension for doping.

Dmitry Trunenkov, winner in the 4-man bobsled at the Sochi Games, tested positive last year and was suspended by the Russian Bobsled Federation, announced the Russian Anti-Doping Agency.

This suspension will not affect his Olympic gold medal.

Trunenkov acknowledged that his sample contained a ...

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Doping: The Names of 31 Russians Who Want to Compete as “Neutral” Athletes are Revealed

On Wednesday the Russian Athletics Federation (Rusaf) revealed the names of 31 athletes, including several world champions, who have applied to compete under a neutral flag and thus avoid suspension from the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

Russian athletics is in the middle of a vast doping and corruption scandal that caused its suspension from the IAAF in November 2015, before ...

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Pending the hearing of Brice Dulin, the Midi Olympique revealed that Yannick Nyanga (Racing 92) was not the only player summoned by the FFR’s Anti-Doping Commission.

This Thursday, Yannick Nyanga was at Marcoussis. Not to prepare for the Six Nations Championship, but to be heard by experts on the Federal Anti-Doping Commission. To remind you, urine from Racing 92’s flankers – including Brice Dulin – ...

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­Andrzej Wawrzyk Tests Positive for an Anabolic Steroid

The Pole ­Andrzej Wawrzyk (29; 1.95m, 33 wins, 19 quick, 1 reverse) was to face American WBC heavyweight champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder (31; 2.01m; 37 wins, including 36 before the time limit) on February 25. However Wilder’s entourage announced that Wawrzyk tested positive for anabolic steroids.

Wawrzyk was to compete in his second fight for a world title, four years after losing the WBA ...

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In the brain, kisspeptin regulates the circuits that stimulate sexual behavior and attachment to your partner. It triggers pleasure and sex hormone production at the same time.

Cupid’s arrows are probably…kisspeptin. This hormone was discovered in humans in 2005 and has found its place in the biological puzzle that governs romantic attraction.

According to a study published on January 23 in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, it ...

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The Mysteries of Precocious Puberty

More and more young patients are consulting their doctors about precocious puberty. Some are not even 6 years old. The causes of this illness, which may lead to stunted growth, remain poorly understood.

7-year-old Elodie visits her pediatrician every month for an injection to slow down her body’s development. Her parents accepted this hormonal treatment, also administered to patients suffering from prostate ...

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Narcotics and Arrests at Carleton-sur-Mer

Wednesday morning, police officers at the auxiliary post of the MRC Avignon carried out a search warrant at a residence on Benjamin-Leblanc road in Carleton-sur-Mer, which led to the arrest of two individuals.

On site, the officers seized more than 400 grams of marijuana, a number of vials containing steroids, a few thousand dollars in cash and several items used for ...

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Steroid Discovered in a Shark Can Attack the Toxin Associated with Parkinson’s Disease

According to a published study about animal testing, the synthesis of a steroid found naturally in the spiny dogfish – a species of shark – prevents the accumulation of a protein associated with neurodegenerative diseases. The accumulation of this protein, alpha-synuclein is the trademark of Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia. This could be a potential new component of therapeutic research.

The study, ...

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