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Hormones, Peptides and EPO

by Ster0type

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Hormones, Peptides, EPO and Other Doping Products

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Here is a list of the major anabolic hormones that you hear about. Unfortunately some are not (or no longer) available in France, and there are plenty of others but they are not of great interest or are too rare to be listed here. Some are more commonly used hormones and considered among the best anabolic steroids.

We remind you that it is important to listen to the advice of experienced users before using doping products like steroids, peptides or other hormones. Some molecules are more powerful than others and can affect your health.

It is also recommended to talk with your doctor to ensure that all is well before starting a treatment with anabolic products.

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Note: products like Human Growth Hormone (HGH), EPO (Erythropoietin) or Peptides are not anabolic steroids.


Whatever the case, we recommend that you only buy major well-known brands (Lifetech Labs, etc.) and once in hand, verify the steroid’s authenticity on the manufacturer’s official site if possible.