Although there are many hormones, we can dwell on the importance of Testosterone in terms of function and good health, in particular for men.

Men and women need testosterone to run their bodies, but men need quantities much higher than their female counterparts.

Although a very important hormone and widely misunderstood, Testosterone is nevertheless one of the most interesting hormone to understand, especially regarding theimproved performance and physical.

In fact we can say that this is the most important hormone for improving athletic performance and development of the body and muscles (bodybuilding). without adequate levels of testosteroneOur objectives will not be achieved, and without artificial increase in levels of the hormone testosteroneYou can say goodbye to the idea of ​​exceeding your goals and why not break records.

It will be interesting to have a general understanding of the hormone itself, and then you will understand how to maximize its use in all its forms.

 testosterone formula


What is testosterone?

Testosterone belongs to the class of androgensIn fact this is the main androgenic hormone in the body. It's a very powerful hormone and testosterone is largely responsible for the development of the testes and prostate, as well as development of muscle tissue, bone density and strength.

Beyond these basic functions, testosterone is essential to our health and general well-being.

Body muscles

De low testosterone levels can not only negatively affect muscle strength and bone density, but can also affect our mood.

Although part of the androgen class of steroidal hormones, testosterone is also strongly anabolic.

Both anabolic and androgenic testosterone is like all steroid hormones, it is derived from cholesterol and its natural production is largely regulated by luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).

For these hormones are released, the pituitary gland must first be stimulated, and once LH and FSH are released, the stimulation of the testis is obtained, thereby causing the production of testosterone.

As you can see, important though the testes in the production of testosterone, the pituitary gland is also a key. Without normal functioning of the pituitary gland (in the brain), the natural production of testosterone can not do.


The origin of exogenous testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that we produce naturally, and for centuries athletes of all types have experienced absorption extract testes.

But the real artificially synthesized testosterone and human use appeared to 1935, largely thanks to chemists Adolf Butenandt et Leopold Ruzicka, Both of which have received a Nobel Prize for their work.

The now isolated and synthesized hormone testosterone, the first successful testosterone injections were possible in the form of Testosterone propionate.

Once the first batch of testosterone were available for sale, shortly after many other have been introduced and made for human consumption.

But there's something important you should understand: all the testosterone in the general sense are the same, it's actually the ester attached to it that gives it its function and its own characteristics regarding his release and duration of activity in the body.

We'll you better explain below as and as we move forward in the understanding of active lives.


The benefits of exogenous testosterone

He y many benefits to the use of testosterone, and while the nature of the effects are generally the same for each user, theintensity of these effects can be largely depending on the administered dose testo.

Many men receiving testosterone do in connection with a replacement therapyThey simply want to restore testosterone levels to normal after having a drop in those levels.

Many other men use testosterone in an entirely different purpose, to increase levels beyond the natural standard to improve the performance of the body, creating muscle and gain strength.

Whatever your goal, you can expect the following benefits to one degree or another:

  • Increased recovery capabilities : Current example revolves around training. The fact of practice does not build muscle but to the destroyed is through the recovery process as muscle tissue is then built and expanded. Testosterone increases the rate of recovery.
  • strong anti-catabolic protection : Some hormones have a negative effect on muscle tissue and can promote body fat. The best known is cortisol. Testosterone can help block and reduce this negative action of cortisol, protects your muscle tissue and prevents the accumulation of fat in the body.
  • Increased red blood cell count : Testosterone can greatly increase your endurance, and you are patient, the more you can work long and hard. With this increase in the number of red blood cells, you are able to increase the amount of oxygen entering the blood, which increases the work capacity and may lead to greater efficiency of muscle tissue.
  • Increase the effectiveness of proteins : Taking testosterone, we increase protein synthesis and increasing the rate of building muscle tissue and promoting its protection, even if the calorie-restricted diet. In addition, we are able to maintain a high level of storage proteins due to increased production of nitrogen-induced.


These are all advantages of the use of exogenous testosterone, and the same effects can be obtained independently of the form of testosterone used. While these are not the only positive traits, these are the most basic and essential to achieve our goals revolving around the use of testosterone.


The various forms of Testosterone

There are many forms of testosterone available on the market, as well as different forms of administration and dosages.
The most common form is theinjection with a syringeBut there are also transdermal gels and patches for application to the skin, Or even oral capsules and tablets.

Although injectable testosterone is the most effective awayAll forms can be found for a therapy for increasing testosterone but Research of athletic performance (or doping) injectable administration will prove to be much more effective and recommended.

In addition to the application, attachment of the ester is the biggest difference between the various testosterone, and this will be the most important aspect to consider.


Although there are many types of testosterone, there are five very common forms it will be important to understand and explain in detail. Beyond these main forms, there will be other possible you may be able to meet. These are the main forms of testosterone:

Testosterone Propionate

testosterone propionate T-Prop 100mg Meditech

This is the origin of testosterone. The Testosterone propionate is one of the most commonly used forms in the world.

This type of testosterone is defined by its fast-acting short ester, it's'ester propionate. The results and effects caused by testosterone this will be largely identical to all other forms, but it is in the active life where it differs to the highest degree.

The Testosterone Propionate carries with it a active life of about 48 hoursAnd because of this short working lives, most users will need to administer this hormone quite frequently.

Most athletes in search of true effects inject this testosterone every other day to maintain stable blood levels.

Comparing identical amounts, testosterone propionate is known to be slightly more powerful than many other forms of testosterone, but the difference is minimal and ultimately completely negligible.

There is another effect noticed by many users that is the less water retention in the tissues.

All testosterone have the ability to cause excess water retention; although this side effect is actually very dependent follow diet that is often too high in calories. However, many users of Testosterone Propionate observe less water retention compared to other forms.

There is no doubt about it, the Testosterone Propionate is a very simple hormonal compound is very effective and it is a very solid choice testosterone for most athletes. While some users will find this particular form difficult to use, the majority of athletes will be met.

Some people find they are very sensitive to the Propionate ester and will experience a slight level of discomfort after the injection.

If you belong to this category, all hope is not lost. Those who suffer from mild pain with Testosterone Propionate not feel anything under other common forms.

testosterone enanthate

La testosterone enanthate is of the pure testosterone attached to a long ester, Which gives it a slow action.

This is a very popular testosterone. Since the Propionate version the Enanthate is one of the most commonly used forms worldwide to improve athletic performance and muscle development.

As regards the functional properties of testosterone enanthate, the same results are generally obtained from the Propionate, comparing similar doses.

As long ester testosterone, steroid carries with it a active life of about 15 days. Because of its long working life, the injections will be less frequent, Especially if the compound is used in a part of hormone replacement therapy.

However, for the athlete, a plan of administration of two injections per week will be current and generally considered the most effective.

Most athletes find that two injections of equal doses will give them the results they expect.

Since this protocol is very efficient, increasingly competitive bodybuilders opt for more frequent injection timing, up to once every two days.

Although this is not really necessary considering the long working life, many bodybuilders observe more stable blood levels and better overall sensation when they maintain maximum testosterone levels.

There are many quality brands that you can choose when to buy testosterone enanthate, but a name is universally known: the Testoviron Depot. Although there are many other brands of pharmaceutical quality, Testoviron Depot became legendary, so much so that it may be the most popular testosterone of all time.

For more information, see the page dedicated to Testosterone enanthate

Testosterone Cypionate

Virtually identical to enanthate testosterone, testosterone cypionate is another long ester à slow action which is very popular.

Virtually anything that can be said of testosterone enanthate can be said of testosterone cypionate. Although having the same general structure as the enanthate ester, the "Cyp Test" (or simply called "Cyp") has a active life of about 24 hours more than the enanthate.

The active life slightly lanyard is negligible, so the injection frequency will be the same with cypionate that with enanthate.

There is however an urban legend about Testosterone cypionate who would it be stronger than enanthate testosterone, which is absolutely false.

You can certainly find the most powerful cypionate if you first came across a counterfeit enanthate under-dosed, but these compounds are virtually identical and the effects will be similar.

For more information, see the page dedicated toTestosterone cypionate

testosterone Suspension

While enanthate and cypionate Testosterones' are virtually identical and that the Testosterone Propionate remains close (except his short ester), the testosterone SuspensionEven if it is testosterone, has the most important differences.

Unlike most other forms, Testosterone Suspension has no ester attached. Due to the absence of ester, the injected testosterone conversion rate is 100%, while other common forms are rather close to 75%.

testosterone suspension Testo Sus 100 Meditech

Another important aspect with regard to the Testosterone Suspension connected to its lack of ester, is the frequency at which it should be administered.

As you can understand, the ester attached to a steroid determine the length of active life.

For example, if we inject 100 mg Testosterone Propionate in with an active life of 48 hours 24 hours after injection there will 50 mg of active testosterone after 48 hours we will not have that 25 mg and so on until it remains at all.

With an injection of 100 mg Testosterone Suspension, it will be none left at all in the system after 24 hours. For this reason, this steroid injections must be administered very frequently to get the desired effect.

Athletes must inject this steroid at least once a day, and usually at least twice a day.

Testosterone Suspension also carries the characteristic of being suspension in water, While almost all the testosterone are suspended in oil, which gives a testosterone suspension even more powerful and even faster action effect.

It is important to note, as it is a water based steroid, testosterone that can be very painful to injectSo that some athletes are discouraged.

This pain can be very intense but it is primarily an individual affair, some bear very well, while others simply change their compound.

Sustanon 250

Le Sustanon 250 is not testosterone itself, but it is a mixture of four different testosterones.

Like any testosterone, the four different forms here are simply mixed testosterone esters attached with four different, thus giving a slow and steady release of testosterone, From the time of injection and for a long period of time. Authentic composition Sustanon 250 is the following:

  • Testosterone Propionate: 30mg
  • Testosterone Phenylpropionate: 60mg
  • Testosterone Isocaproate: 60mg
  • Testosterone decanoate: 100mg

While we are now familiar with the propionate ester, the three remaining esters that make up the 250 Sustanon are almost always present in other anabolic androgenic steroids composition.

Developed by OrganonThe first goal of Sustanon-250 was to provide a suitable form of testosterone hormone replacement therapy, which was to be administered once every few weeks.
And it was a success. To improve athletic performance (doping), Sustanon 250 can be a good choice, but inject once or twice a month will not really applicable.

To improve performance, the testosterone should be administered more frequently. This mixture is composed of 2 short esters in early action (Propionate et Pheylpropionate), An ester Isocaproate longer than more moderate actionAnd ester Decanoate à very slow action and long. To maintain stable testosterone levels and at their peak, most athletes inject Sustanon 250 at least once every 3 days and generally all 2 days to really get optimal results.

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