liver protection

milk_thistleLiver protection (liver protection) most often used in the world of anabolic steroids comes from the plant Silybum marianum you know the name of THISTLE.

This plant is very present on the periphery of the Mediterranean and takes its name from a legend associating it with the Virgin Mary while trying to flee the Egyptian would have hidden her child Jesus in a grove of Chardon in which she would have given him the breast. During lactation few drops of milk fell on the thistle leaves giving his ribs a white color.


In the French language, Silybum marianum many names such as: thistle, wild artichoke, silver Chardon, Chardon Notre Dame, marbled Chardon, White Thorn, Milk of Our Lady, Mary Silybe.


Thistle and medicine

During antiquity already infusions Thistle were used to treat liver problems.

Today you find pharmacy easily this plant marketed under the name of THISTLE or LIV-52.

In 1968 it was isolated from the plant a compound of silybinof silychristin and silydianin which was given the name Silymarine. Which is considered the active substance responsible for the therapeutic effects of Chardon-Marie.

The extracts of milk thistle have been numerous clinical trials, including products Legalon® sold in France since 1974. The Legalon is sold without a prescription and available in two dosages of 70 140 mg and mg.

Another equally well-known brand is the Samarin 70 (Also available in Samarin 140).



Legalon 140 capsulesProduced by ROTTAPHARM-MADAUS le Legalon 70 (Or Legalon 140) is very easily findable pharmacy.

Its active substance is silymarin. Legalon liver protection is par excellence and is highly prized by bodybuilders during their course of oral anabolic steroids.



Samarin140-500x500This is the laboratory Berlin based in Bangkok (Thailand) that produces Samarin 70 (orSamarin 140).

This company is specialized in the "health-care" with highly effective products.


The Samarin has a composition identical to Legalon.


The use of milk thistle during an anabolic steroid cure

At a anabolic steroid treatment, making products such as Legalon or Samarin usually turns 1 tablet per meal in order to protect your liver.

This avoids see transaminase levels explode.

Never forget the importance of this body for your metabolism.


The importance of the liver in an anabolic steroid cure

The liver has over 200 metabolic functions.

It is used to filter and metabolize everything you ingest while cleaning the blood of toxins.

It stores glycogen which fuels your muscles but is also the site of metabolism ofFMI-1 via the Growth Hormone (GH) deficiency.

No need to remind you the importance of the FMI-1 Testosterone.

A healthy liver is essential both for the growth of muscles that for you to be dry and ultra-drawn!