Hormones, Peptides, EPO and other doping products

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Here are the main anabolic hormones you can hear. Some unfortunately not found (or more) in France, and there are many more but uninteresting or too rare to be listed here. Some are among the most commonly used hormones and are considered the best anabolic hormones.

Please remember that it is important to seek advice from experienced users before the use of drugs like steroids, Peptides or other hormones. Some molecules are more powerful than others and can affect your health.

A visit to your doctor is also recommended to ensure that all is well before start a course of anabolic products.

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Info: products such asHuman Growth Hormone (Human Growth Hormone HGH) The EPO (Erythropoietin) or Peptides are not Anabolic Steroids


In all cases, we recommend you to buy only major recognized brands (Lifetech Labs, Etc.) and once in your hands, if possible check the authenticity of the steroid from the manufacturer's official website.