HCG (Human choronic Gonadotropin)

Vitagon-3-vials_wm-300x172Choronic Human Gonadotropin in English or French, hormone gonadotropin Human Chronicle, also named Human gonadotropin.

It is a glycoprotein hormone produced during pregnancy of the woman, and also manufactured by the embryo just after conception and then by the trophoblasthe (one of the placental tissues). Its presence in the blood is detectable at the 10ème day following ovulation. To find it in urine, yet it takes a few days.

This hormone exists only in primates (e.g. humans and in this case it is the HCG) as well as in equines (Anesses mares and for example for equines, in this case it is ECG: Equine Chorionic Gonadotropin, called before Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotropin - PMSG)

The main function of HCG is the maintenance of the corpus luteum during pregnancy (to the 9ème week) and also of its progesterone secretion. However, it also has an anti-gonadotropic effect by inhibiting the secretion of LH and FSH.

HCG is considered steroidogenic since it also allows the progesterone secretion of the corpus luteum and also stimulates the secretion of fetal gonadal steroids. Is trophoblastic GnRH regulates the synthesis and secretion of HCG.


HCG medicine

imagesHis presence is quickly recognizable without the need to dose. A well known example is the principle of the pregnancy test.

At its research and the dosing, the information given by the rate provides an estimate of the age of the pregnancy, identify a molar pregnancy or ectopic.

An analysis of the balance between the 15ème and 17ème week of pregnancy, crossed with other parameters for assessing a higher risk of trisomy. In case of doubt on the results, amniocentesis (surgical procedure of removing with a little amniotic fluid needle) is then performed to confirm or deny the risks or detect other genetic or chromosomal abnormalities.


HCG & fertility

20150108_223810_AndroidHCG is produced naturally by the human body. This hormone increases the activity of the ovaries and ovulation women and supports the production of the female sex hormone: estrogen.

For men, it stimulates the creation of the Testosterone, Essential for sperm production. Pregnyl is one example.

Hormones of the hypothalamus (the GnRH analogues) inhibit the production of female sex hormones to control ovulation. There are two types: antagonists and agonists. The antagonists act directly on the prevention of premature ovulation.

In the natural cycle a key role is played by the gonadotropins (FSH and LH).

For gonadotropins FSH and LH functions are defined as follows: FSH is simulatrice of follicle growth and production of female hormone estrogen. Final maturation of the egg and starting the ovulation cycle are motivated them by LH

For women, the role of this hormone HCG therefore disclose a pregnancy and, when dosed, to date it accurately. It is also the means to monitor the healthy fetus during the course of it.

It is also for women experiencing fertility concerns aid treatment to influence ovulation and production of sex hormones.

In men, the use of this hormone can be made in case of trouble cryptorchidism (non testicular descent) to stimulation of androgen secretion by the cells and also for the treatment of infertility by assisting in the sperm production. Finally, this hormone is also used for the treatment of malfunctions of hormone production in the testes.


The use of HCG in the context of a taking anabolic steroid treatment cycle

hcg injections-7db02132At decision steroids, Inhibition of sperm production is very fast, with oligospermia (presence of abnormally low sperm manner relative to average) and azoospermia (complete absence of sperm in the semen) possible. This also causes testicular atrophy and feminizing effects well known as gynecomastia (the change in hormone secretion causes breast growth in men due to increased estrogen). There are also regularly encountered, fertility problems and a real change in libido, trouble of it ... or even impotence.

According to all the evidence we have seen previously, and the use made of the hormone HCG in the different treatments, you will understand that it can be used for various reasons in the products making cures for muscle gain or effect of fat loss for the mass 'dried.

HCG hormone is not a Anabolic Steroids. But as you well understand, a hormone complementary many bodybuilders and athletes "forcibly" take in the second half or the end of their cycle taking steroids.

The reasons for this decision are many and are mainly used to prevent the metabolism of accidents or loss of libido or sexual ability. Indeed, as you know, steroid use has the effect of putting at rest the testes and therefore manage a real drop in libido, and also quality of sperm production and this throughout the steroids cycle, and even some time after stopping taking.

sportsman after trainingThe steroids are androgens, they replace the action of the Testosterone, Which, therefore, ceases tobe naturally produced in the testicles.

It is noted for making cycles lasting at 4 5 weeks but no person reacts the same way, it can come earlier.

At the end of the socket end of the cycle, testosterone levels became so dangerously low, we must act urgently to bring back this rate closer to normal, because steroids are no longer taken there are no more product to play the role of testosterone.

The whole mass gained during the cycle may therefore be quickly lost and severe dehydration, can occur.

Then he must think seriously to take the chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), and for several reasons. This decision will firstly a protective effect, and immediately restart natural testosterone production in the testes, and therefore also regulate a libido and sperm quality close to normal. The hormone HCG replaces luteinizing hormone also called LH (see above in the text) that normally responsible for triggering the production of testosterone which automatically default into the outlet, and a few days after taking the steroid cycle .

Taking HCG is in the form of HCG Pregnyl used by bodybuilders to help the testicles regain their size and their original functions. It also has functionsimproving athletic performance.

HCG Pregnyl contains human chorionic gonadotropin. This enzyme is the one that supports the female reproductive system.

The use of HCG hormone, finally taking steroids cycle, thus avoiding the most of the "crash" and also come back as soon as possible to normal.

After reading all of these elements, the hormone HCG (Human choronic Gonadotropin) takes a really important role for athletes, strength athletes, weightlifters, bodybuilders and intensive bodybuilding fans who take regularly or not cycles steroids to enable them to reduce risks to the testicles, quality of semen, libido, and to return to a level close to normal quickly testosterone in the body, after stopping the intake cycle .

It is considered by the bodybuilders as a product of therapy cycle end.

Another very important and positive for competitors is that human chorionic gonadotropin is not detectable during anti-doping tests steroid. Therefore, many competitors take this product before competitions or competitions to maintain a fairly high level of androgens.

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