Le desmodium is a perennial plant of the family Fabaceae. This plant wraps around the palm or cocoa from Africa.

Used for generations by healers, there are a multitude of species.

The one that interests us is the Desmodium adscendens.Le desmodium is more effective against severe viral hepatitis.

In Africa, decoction of leaves and cut stems is the method of use of this plant.

In Europe it exists in the form of syrup or capsules. 


The benefits of DESMODIUM

Originally from Equatorial Africa, the desmodium little has been known in Europe. This plant acts as an excellent hepatoprotective, Even when the liver is attacked by a heavy drug therapy or chemotherapy.

Le Desmodium adscendens also helps treat bronchial asthma or allergic. The desmodium contributes to the regeneration of liver cells. The liver which we recall is a major organ that is involved in various vital functions such as digestion, hormone regulation or the fat metabolism.

It is also the body of your wastewater treatment plant: it eliminates toxins (natural waste, drugs, alcohol, heavy metals).

Viral hepatitis and drug result in liver dysfunction as desmodium cared for.

Doctors also recommend it to their patients under chemotherapy. But for naturopaths, the plant has many other virtues. Especially in cases of fatigue associated with loss of appetite or digestion problems, skin problems or recurrent ENT disease.

All these are signs of a liver tired by unhealthy lifestyle (stress, junk food, excess alcohol).


Desmodium and cure of anabolic steroids.

usually the desmodium being very powerful, we do not use it during the cure. It could destroy the products before they make impact.

It is preferably used in order to cure post a complete cleaning and hand over its interest rate transaminase normal and leave with a liver Like new.

sportsman after training


The importance of the liver in an anabolic steroid cure

The liver has over 200 metabolic functions!

It is used to filter and metabolize everything you ingest while cleaning the blood of toxins.

It stores glycogen which fuels your muscles but is also the site of metabolism ofFMI-1 via the Growth Hormone (GH) deficiency.

No need to remind you the importance of the FMI-1 Testosterone.

A healthy liver is essential both for the growth of muscles that for you to be dry and ultra-drawn!