Arimidex (anastrozole)

Let's talk about Arimidex ... What Arimidex ? Have you heard? We'll bring you more information and answers to your questions.

  • arimidexThis is normally a drug product and marketed by Laboratories AstraZeneca.
  • This is a very powerful non-steroidal inhibitoraromatase.
  • It is issued only on medical prescription, and in the vast majority of cases, only for postmenopausal women.
  • It is typically prescribed on the basis of a single tablet of 1mg daily or every other day orally. It should be taken at the same time every day. If you forget not shift its socket and wait taking the next day.
  • It has a number of adverse effects, but before speaking, we will first discuss the first target of its use and the types of treatments.


How does it work and what is its response?

THE'Arimidex contains theAnastrozole as active ingredient. It has the function of inhibiting the enzyme aromatase which is associated with the production of female sex hormones, estrogen.

The treatment with Arimidex helps lower estrogen to very low values ​​and thus significantly reduce the stimulation of cancer cell growth in breast cancer treatment.

This treatment is given as adjunctive therapy in postmenopausal women for breast cancer who are at an early stage after the operation, or breast cancer at an advanced stage.


side effects of Arimidex

Possible side effects exist and come in different forms.

This can often be headaches (headaches), nausea and vomiting, mood disorders, exhaustion or fatigue.


What is the misuse of this product, or why some athletes use categories Arimidex cures?

Like many drugs, Arimidex tablet also knows misused. This product is particularly used by bodybuilders and sports of strength sports such as weightlifting, powerlifting for example.

In fact for these sports, the estrogen reduction method is interesting for several reasons: in particular it will enable them a modification of hormone function, and decrease of the estrogen reduced the retention of fat and the amount of water in the body, as they say in the jargon bodybuilding, power "dry" easier muscles. Anastrozole is also sometimes increase testosterone levels up to 58%.

male model bodybuilder

Determination of Arimidex in athletes

¼ tablet (either 0.25mg) to the rate of once every other day or even every 3 days is generally sufficient for most of the cycles where the Testosterone is less than 750 mg per week. More'Arimidex is required if you use other flavor compounds, less if you use non-flavor compounds.


What are the benefits of Arimidex?

For athletes who use steroids, there is a risk of development of certain body parts. For men, this use can cause breast development, development of fat tissue under the nipples forming a chest for men. it's about the gynecomastia.

When taking cycles steroids or Testosterone, Short or light cycles even cures, it is best to plan a course of Arimidex simultaneously. Indeed as blocking aromatase product with its molecules can limit notoriously side effects of taking these steroid or testosterone.

Many bodybuilders who take either of these products, or both, are cures to prevent or edema, or gynecomastia that can be the effect of these jacks.

Average users:

  1. Alex  April 22, 2017


    What is the best

    Arimidex or proviron with nolvadex

  2. Sat  December 27, 2016

    I plan to make a cure of 8 weeks (testosterone enanthate + deca).
    I plan to make 500 mg enanthate + 500 mg of Deca a week.

    It is a light cure.

    To prevent gynecomastia and retention I take account of aramidex.

    1) How do I take it?

    I was told to take the aramidex that over the last weeks with 4 1 mg daily what seems huge and not very logical.

    2) For the PCT (recovery):
    Is 21 days after the last injection and this is as follows.
    21 days after:
    - Day 1: 300 40 mg clomid + mg nolvadex
    - Day to day 2 11: 100 20 mg clomid + mg nolvadex
    - Day to 12 22 Day: 50 20 mg clomid + mg nolvadex

    Does someone can correct me the cure if he sees a mistake?

    I try to do a light cure :)
    Especially I would like clarification on the dosage of Aramidex within this cure ..

    Thank you in advance and good year-end

  3. sylvain  December 11, 2016

    Is this (arimidex) can increase libido in men?

    • WikiStero  December 22, 2016

      Yes and no, it can help restore libido, but not systematically. You have to know primarily why your sex drive has decreased.


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