Winstrol (stanozolol)

Winstrol ou Stanozolol is a Anabolic Steroids very commonly used for dry cycles on that the opinion does not differ greatly. Many people will use Dianabol or even Anadrol for a dry cycle, while Anadrol and Dianabol also have other uses, Stanozolol is used only when a muscle dry cycle.

Winstrol comes in oral version (Tablets of active material toxic to the liver) and injectable version (Winstrol Depot).

Few people will use when in a mass-making cycle: It is certainly not a useful compound for the treatment of anemia, so we can rightly assume that its role in sheer bulk is very limited. One possible use of theWinstrol in a mass-making cycle would be possible in a very limited dose complement othersteroidsAnd in order to reduce theSHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, orSex Steroid Binding Globulin).

One of the main properties of Winstrol is its ability to lower SHBG much more efficiently than many other steroids.
A Winstrol metering 2 mg / kg body weight significantly reduces SHBG, which will increase the amount of testosterone circulating in the body.
As 99% of steroids, it is important to note that deleting yournatural hormone levelswill happen, but maybe a little less than with many other steroids.



Winstrol, side effect

Add theOral Winstrola very intense mass gain cycle could be problematic, as Stanozolol is a 17-aa hepatotoxic compound, which means that its molecular structure was modified to support a first pass through the liver without being destroyed.
It is an active compound for oral administration, and many people choose to take these pills without protection for the liver ... and that's a big mistake.

Stanozolol is onethe worst steroidsin terms of hepatotoxicity.


That is why its taken during a cyclebulkingcould be problematic because usually such a cycle will be very heavy, useful dosage would be very toxic.
Winstrol also has adverse effects on thecholesterolAnd a single dose of 6 mg / day of Stanozolol can lowerHDL(Good cholesterol) and increase of 33%LDL(Bad cholesterol) of 29%.

Cardiac hypertrophy is also possible, even with low doses. Thus, many people limit their intake of Stanozolol to muscle dry cycles.
It is generally accepted that because of problems oftoxicity StanozololIts use should be limited to about six weeks, but many athletes have in fact used to use it until 12 weeks without any problems.


Winstrol and cure effect of Winstrol

After use of Winstrol for about 3 months (12 weeks cure) at a dose of 100 mg every other day, you should not suffer adverse effects. The only thing that is not pleasant but that occurs each time can be a slight pain during injection. Generally, users report feelings of poor lubrication in their joints when using this drug (fluid retention is nil with Stanozolol).

There are many conflicting reports on the effects of Stanozolol on tendons, even in medical journals.

Some reports state that it weakens tendons, others say it strengthens, and some even specify that Winstrol strengthens unevenly, which is then a risk of injury. For this reason, it may be better for athletes to avoid Winstrol in explosive sports or strong impacts.

This compound is unique, as it is available in both oral and injectable form.
Both forms contain the same compound, but the injection of this compound is more effective than oral ingestion in retention nitrogen.


Winstrol Depot (injectable Stanozolol)

Le Winstrol Depot is the injectable version Oral Winstrol. The injection has the advantage of avoiding the first pass of Winstrol in the liver, and therefore preserves your liver. We recommend limiting the injection of Winstrol Depot 50 mg daily for at 6 8 weeks. Attention even Winstrol injectable version is also toxic to your liver.

The version of "Depot" of Winstrol consists of Winstrol in suspension in water, Unlike the Deposit version of other steroids or products are suspended in the oil. The active life injectable version in the body is about one week. This steroid is not recommended for women.

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