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The laboratory Lifetech Labs

Lifetech Labs arrives on the market with an anabolic universe that will shake your habits. Established in March 2010 in Hong Kong (Science & Technology Park), Lifetech Labs is a recognized laboratory for its peptide and medical formulas whose main purpose is the improvement in physical performance.

Lifetech Labs is able to develop high quality products through many years of research and experimentation. Lifetech Labs benefits from the most advanced synthetic peptides and high-tech equipment for purification and lyophilization to provide a unique product concept.


The innovation of Lifetech Labs is initiated by the combination of a Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide (GHRP) with a Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH). This action amplifies GH release and create a synergistic effect. On this basis, the Research & Development Labs developed the Lifetech Mixtures of Peptides the most reliable and stable to obtain Optimal results.


The range of peptides Biosynergy

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An innovative new range BIOSYNERGY de 7 products was developed through a strong and unique concept:

  • Oriented research Biology and Synergy for effects of optimization.
  • Product usage simplicity.
  • Optimal use for men as for women.
  • Innovation: "First prize for innovation 2014" (Best Innovative Concept Award 2014 - Category "modernization of medicines and health products).


Why BIOSYNERGY rather than traditional peptides?

  • Ease of use
  • Blend metered microgram closely to fully optimize the results by creating a synergy around products
  • First peptide laboratory to provide authenticity check
  • Developed to prevent degradation of peptides and better conservation of blends
  • Results and unmatched quality until now
  • First laboratory to receive an "award" on medical innovation with peptides
  • Recognized and certified laboratory
  • An exceptional result for a great price


slimfit-Biosynergy-vial-vue3D-anti-agingThe Peptides Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide (GHRP) and / or Peptides Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) can improve your quality of life in the fight against aging, muscle building, fat loss, recovery from injury, greater bone density and better sleep.

GHRP may be used alone to increase the natural impulse of growth hormone (GH) from the pituitary gland.

GHRP dosed in combination with GHRH will amplify the release of the Growth Hormone (GH) deficiency significantly for maximum benefit.

  • Doses may be taken during the day, but not less than three hours interval between doses.
  • One dose per day is typical for Repair minor injuriesThe effects anti-aging, a deeper sleep and one general welfare. The most beneficial time immediately before going to bed Sleep is when the pituitary is the more active, the body recovers and cells repair and grow.
  • 2 3 or more doses per day accentuate the muscle growth lean mass gain with fat loss, Especially with a good diet consisting of quality food.

The peptides can be used daily for the rest of your life without any harm to health. Peptides are a way of life.


BLEND SLIM FIT HGH FRAG 176-191 + Modified GRF (1-29)

"The most powerful blend of peptides for fat loss"

slim fit

HGH Fragment (also known as HGH Frag) is a modified form of amino acids in 176 191 of human growth hormone (GH) and polypeptide is primarily designed for fat loss. HGH Frag breaks down fat in the body and also prevents the conversion of fat food.


GRF 1-29 Modified (GHRH) is a synthetic secretagogue that stimulates the release of HGH. In the human body, large amounts of growth hormone is stored in the pituitary. GHRH has an effect on the number of cells and the ability to secrete more.

1-29 Modified GRF has a very short half-life of about 30 minutes.

1 29 Modified GRF-was invented by ConjuChem, a Canadian biotechnology company.

ConjuChem initiated clinical trials for CJC-1295 amid 2000 years. The purpose of the medicine was to treat the visceral fat deposit in obese patients, the increase in exogenous HGH levels is to increase lipolysis (fat loss).



ANTI-AGING BLEND Ipamorelin + Modified GRF (1-29)

"Blend of Anti-Aging peptides with complete recovery of sleep for optimal well-being"


Ipamorelin is a release of growth hormone releasing peptide (GHRP) similar to GHRP2 and GHRP6 which was developed by Novo Nordisk. Is a pentapeptide composed of five amino acids that causes a significant release of growth hormone from the anterior pituitary gland and has the double effect of also remove somatostatin, a peptide hormone that inhibits the release of growth hormone . The benefits of using Ipamorelin increase fat loss, maintaining lean muscle mass, rejuvenation and strengthening of joints, connective tissue and bone mass, as well as other anti-aging benefits of treatment GH as improving skin tone and quality of hair. It can also be used to increase the low GH levels when natural HGH secretion was inhibited by the long-term abuse of synthetic GH.

Ipamorelin is the first growth hormone releasing peptide developed which has the unique property of stimulating the release of GH without significantly increasing cortisol, and prolactin, even at doses more than 200 times the average dose. It has no effect on testosterone, LH or FSH and no post cycle therapy is required after use. It releases GH with a force comparable to GHRP6, but without the associated side effects. This makes the Ipamorelin probably the safest peptide to use.


Mod GRF 1-29 or 1-29 GRF Mod refers to a peptide analog of 29 amino acid GHRH and a modified variant of the shortest fully functional fragment GRF 1-29 also known as Sermorelin.

Mod GRF 1-29 substantially increases the production of growth hormones and to release the by binding on receptors of growth hormone present in the cells of the anterior pituitary.



SUN BEAUTY BLEND Melanotan + Ipamorelin

"Blend of peptides for a tan with beauty effect"

B sun

Melanotan is a synthetic version of the melanocyte stimulating hormone (a-MSH). The treatment induces the Afamelanotide skin pigmentation through melanogenisis, that is to say the production of melanin. Melanin prevents cell damage in the skin by absorbing, reflecting and refracting light. The Melanotan reduced sun damage caused by UV rays on the skin of exposed persons suffering from sun allergies.


Ipamorelin is a release of growth hormone releasing peptide (GHRP) similar to GHRP2 GHRP6 and which was developed by Novo Nordisk. It is a pentapeptide composed of five amino acid that causes a significant release of growth hormone by the anterior pituitary gland and has the double effect of also remove somatostatin, a peptide hormone that inhibits the release of growth hormone. The benefits of using IPamorelin increases fat loss, maintaining lean muscle mass, rejuvenation and strengthening of joints, connective tissue and bone mass, as well as other anti-aging benefits of GH treatment as improving skin tone and quality of hair.



SEX BOOST BLEND PT-141 bremelanotide + Melanotan II

"Peptide-mix for ultimate sexual experience"


PT-141 is the only synthetic aphrodisiac. The aphrodisiac effects of Bremelanotide are in a class by itself. Studies have proven the effectiveness of bremelanotide in treating sexual dysfunction in men (erectile dysfunction or impotence) and in women (sexual arousal disorder). Unlike Viagra and related drugs, it does not act on the vascular system, but directly increases sexual desire via the nervous system.


The Melanotan 2 is produced by a synthesis of a peptide hormone produced naturally in the body that stimulates melanogenesis. This peptide hormone, called alpha - melanocyte stimulating hormone, or MSH, some active melanocortin receptors trying to exert its effects. Indeed, the MSH also exerts a powerful influence on lipid metabolism, appetite, sexual libido through these receptors melanocortin. Furthermore, Melanotan 2 and a variant produced by similar synthesis, known as PT-141, has been studied in detail as a remedy for the treatment of sexual dysfunction; in particular, male erectile dysfunction.

It increases libido in people using it.



RECOVERY3 Thymosin beta 4 BLEND (TB4) FGM + = + IGF-1EC Ipamorelin

"Blend peptides recovery after training for muscle and cell regeneration"


Thymosin Beta 4 (Tß4) Is not a growth factor; rather it is a major control peptide. It has been scientifically proven that the Tß4 tends to play an important role in the protection, regeneration and remodeling of injured or damaged tissue. The Tß4 gene was also identified as one of the first to respond after an injury.

Tß4 is a synthetic version of the naturally occurring peptide present in virtually all human cells. This is a first class of product which causes:

  • Decrease inflammation
  • Relaxation of muscle spasms
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Increase the exchange of material between the cells
  • Promotes tissue repair
  • Helps maintain the flexibility of tendons
  • Reduction of tissue inflammation
  • Improved nutritional components
  • Prevents formations fibrous bands in the muscles, tendons and ligaments.


Mechano growth factor (MGF) Also known as IGF-1EC is a growth factor / repair, as it is called MGF IGF 1EC. What makes FGM special is its unique role in muscle growth.

FGM has the ability to grow damaged tissue, improved by activating the stem cells of the muscle and develop regulation in place of the protein synthesis. This unique capability can rapidly improve recovery and accelerate muscle growth.


The Ipamorelin refers to a synthetic peptide which has powerful properties of release of growth hormones. Ipamorelin the chain is relatively short and has only five amino acids in it. Its molecular weight is 711,86. For this reason, it can significantly increase muscle growth and burn fat at the same time. Other than the increase in the production of human growth hormone as GHRP- 2 and 6 GHRP-, this molecule does not increase the production of various hormones such as prolactin negative (responsible for the growth of breasts in men and water retention) and cortisol (responsible for muscle stress). The Ipamorelin is actually the best promoter of growth hormone human market.




"Blend of the most powerful peptides to weight gain and volume"


Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide (GHRP-6) Is a peptide of the family sécrétaguogue peptides of growth hormone. It has a strong impact on the release of human growth hormone (HGH) in a specific manner and dose-related. GHRP can be used effectively in the treatment of growth hormone deficiency (GH). Growth hormone releasing hexapeptide works by signaling by the pituitary gland to start the growth hormone secretion.


Increased GH and IGF-1 are desirable for those looking to improve their fitness. Human growth hormone is known to enhance the immune response and stimulate the immune system.

Bodybuilders and athletes dosent GHRP the aim to build more muscle and burn fat. Some users include GHRP- 6 in their post-cycle therapy (PCT)

The main use is GHRP- 6 promote food intake by stimulating hunger and as an aid in energy metabolism. The main side effect is a significant increase in appetite due to a stimulation of the release of Ghrelin (about 20 minutes after injection), a hormone released naturally into the lining of the stomach and increases hunger. Therefore GHRP- 6 can be used in the treatment of cachexia (weakening of the body) linked to malnutrition or other eating disorders.


The benefits of increased levels of HGH by stimulation GHRP- 6 include: increased strength, muscle mass and fat loss in the body, rejuvenation and strengthening of joints, connective tissue and bone mass. Improving the secretion of HGH also leads the liver to secrete more IGF 1, which is known to be the primary action of growth hormone anabolic mechanism.

GHRP- 6 is the most powerful product for weight gain.


CJC-1295 is a synthetic modification of natural growth hormone. This is a long-acting growth hormone (GHRH). CJC- 1295 has a long half-life and stable.

The study results show great potential for weight loss, anti-aging and muscle mass. Another potential advantage of CJC1295 is its ability to help increase deep sleep. The deep sleep is the sleep phase where the most important product of muscle growth.




"Best Blend peptides formula for dry weight gain"


Le HGH FRAG 176-191 is a stabilized analogue release of growth hormone releasing factor (GRF) that induces growth hormone (GH), a specific and physiological manner. To date, studies suggest that (HGH fragment 176-191) has several advantageous features: it reduces abdominal fat (Especially visceral fat) without compromising glycemic control it increases muscle mass and improves the lipid profile. These characteristics make it an ideal candidate for the treatment of excess abdominal fat.


CJC -1295 stimulates GH and IGF - 1 secretion, and keep a steady increase in HGH and IGF - 1 without increasing prolactin.

It increases protein synthesis and stimulates the growth of new muscle tissue. Increases muscle mass and strength when combined with moderate exercise. It reduces skin wrinkles and other effects of aging of the skin. It causes hyperplasia, increased more muscle cells. CJC- 1295 promotes lipolysis, which results in reduction of adipose tissue (body fat).


More information on Manufacturer's official website.


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